Say Goodbye to the Chrome Taillights

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This may not float your boat, but I'm happy to be rid of those damn chrome taillights. A little too rice for my taste so I bought 2 cans of the VHT Nightshades tinting paint, it's always good to have a spare. The first time I tinted the entire lens, it looked like 2 big black triangles on the car, or I prefer to say "it looked like ass". Cleaned it all off with enamel reducer and broke out the fine line tape, gave it a better look and settled on just hiding the chrome with a little peaking out around the inside edge. The spray tint comes out and dries shiny so theres no need to clear coat, total film build is around 1 mil. which is about the thickness of a plastic wrapper or 1/1000's of an inch.
What do you think? 8)
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I don't care about the chrome taillights, my car is an SEL and it has the chrome bar over the license plate
so to me it looks fine, the only thing I may do is add a spoiler and tint the windows some. but as far as yours goes
it don't look too bad blacked out, because you have nothing else there chromed.
every old Mucsle Car I owned or drove had chrome, and they were fast.
nothing wrong with it, some cars no, it looks out of place, I love chrome done the right way,
and seemingly so do alot of people if people still buy & make cars with it. also there is nothing
wrong with making your car unique, you don't like it so be it take it off or paint it up.
I like the taillights they way they are, but I can see how painting / tinting can make a difference.
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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