RS Spotted today

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Headed to work, was able to snag this picture before he moved over another lane and shot past the dirty white Cavalier in front of him. Why don't we have this car here ??

For those in MI, it was on 96 East @ the 96/696/275/M5 split.

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man that looks nice, i wonder how much power that can put out, i also like the color its not an ugly green, but its an ok green, i would rather go with a black or silver or blue, but thats just me

Pretty sure the only options as of now are blue, white, green. Which is better than passed RS's..I don't think I've ever seen an MKI RS that wasn't blue..
you can get a new RS down in Mexico for just under $35,000... good luck getting it registered here in the U.S. though...

EDIT: forgot to mention it only comes in green
Ahh the karate kid song. :) And I just got back from Mexico a couple of days ago too.

WOW!! They said it's more powerful than an Evo X!!!

Here's the exhaust note and some pretty sick driving!!
[quote author=Doug48843 link=topic=157948.msg3359599#msg3359599 date=1254962607]
Why don't we have this car here ??

Much like all the great cars.. the EPA destroys any dream to bring them to the USa.
Damn..... That looks sweet, I was planing on buying next spring ( since the Fusion will be paid off this summer Yah) a smaller car to save on gas on the lines of focus But holy crap Me likey alot.
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