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This review was posted by MJS/SMS.. Good review.

Owning, a 3.0 liter zephyr myself(not the white show vehicle we have posted on the board), I wanted to see just how significant the changes were. Interestingly, the vehicle that I drove was pretty much an exact copy of mine, black on black, fully loaded. I heard that the interior has been revised, but its hard to tell when you get in the new MKZ. The differences would have to be looked at side by side so no real plus/minus there(if there is one). Although, the new input on the navigation is nice for all you iPOD users.As for the exterior, in person the grill doesnt bother me like I thought it would.The new chrom trim on the bottom of the front im kinda impartial to. Okay on to the fun part. Im going to make this pretty quick because mkaresh did a pretty in depth review on the car already. It's faster but not fast. You definitely dont get this car to impress car guys. It feels like a mid 6 sec car to 60. Whats I can add to the previous review however is that my car has a modified intake and premium gas tuned reflashed ECU.The awd 3.5 is no faster than my modified 3.0 liter fwd.And mine sounds better.Although the 3.5 liter revs and accelerates very SMOOTHLY.

The big difference however is that this car is stock and witht he awd, I couldnt get the car to lose traction at all. Go into a corner hard, floor it and it just goes. do whatever you want, and it just grips and goes. Hard launches = no spin, just go. That more than makes up for the added weight of awd. Car still has a luxury-like handling feel thats still not exactly sporty(lot closer than before tho) but the key here is POTENTIAL. I plan to buy one when the incentives start to hit next year and work on making it reach this potential.The 3.5 awd with intake, exhaust, and tune is gonna embarass a few a lincoln just plan shouldnt be able to.Add some coilovers and better brakes and you'll be able to do the exact same thing on the roadcourse. And then you can drive home in your heated and air cooled leather seats listening to your ipod comfortably in luxury.

By the way, this car is only 1000 more than what mine was at 37k MSRP. Thats a pretty damn good deal.I mean given that a BMW or Audi(although you definitely do get better build quality, attention to detail, and dealer service) with similar performance and awd is gonna cost you 40k+ and you know you're not ever getting any incentives on those.Not to mention im talking about a fully loaded awd MKZ here. You can get into one still well equipped for 31k.

EDIT: Still not sure what to do with the auto tranny tho.Definitely not tuned for performance driving.Hard Late braking always seems to confuse it and ruins your speed out the corner.I didnt get a chance to see if there was at least an attempt to improve this on the 07's.
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