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For the past year I've been dealing with an intermittent problem with the reverse sensing system. Often the message center reported Check Park Aid or Data Error and I've have to hit the reset button. At first I dealt with it, but it became more irrigating as time went on. Wish I could have permanently disabled.Lately it seemed to be getting even worse and throwing errors while I was driving! Not even in reverse gear and my radio would mute and message center would beep and annoy the crap out of me. Ford morons can't even properly design a system with faults in mind.

Pulled the back bumper cover and checked the sensors. Listened for the ticking noise while in reverse. They were all good. I cleaned the contacts, measured voltage and checked continuity to ground in the harness. Borrowed one of the wife's sensors and tried it in each of my locations. Put all back together because I couldn't find anything wrong.

Then I finally while searching for a Control Module, I stumbled upon interesting Amazon review of the Ford backup sensor speaker. Turns out the damn speaker on the rear deck was shot. Ordered Speaker 3F2Z15K864BA off Ebay for $30 and installed it last night.Installation was a little tricky, but I was able to fold down the rear seats and reach under the parcel tray carpet to replace it without removing the back seat left bolster. Turned the screws by hand and pushed the plastic retainers out from the trunk. Now all is good.

Conclusion... Ford engineers must not purchase their own creations.
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