Rear Brake Lights wont turn off?

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I was driving around town this afternoon and when I parked in driveway and got out, my brake lights were still glowing. My headlights were on when I was driving but I turned them off, I even checked the switch, it was in the off position. So I thought maybe I hit the unlock button on the remote by accident, so I hit the lock button, blinkers flashed but the brake lights were still glowing. So...then I thought maybe it was the brake switch stuck, it wasn't that either, it is actually the same glow you get from the headlights being on. No other lights were on, not the headlights, parking lights, sidemarkers, not even the rear sidemarkers in the housing.What is this? I could not get them to turn off. This happened a few days ago but I got in the car and drove away anyways so it stopped and I thought nothing of it. The only way I got it to stop today was by getting in the car, starting it, and cycling through the headlight position a few times and it finally went away. Anybody else have this problem?
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As I stated in my original post, it was not from the brakelight switch being stuck at the brake pedal. It was the dim setting they were stuck on, just like the the headlights were on. I even pumped the brakes a few times and I could see the tail lights get brighter along with the third brake light illuminating.
Ooops, I guess it would help if I stated what model I have lol. It's an 06 SE 4-cylinder. I do not have the automatic lights, or even fog lights. I just have the standard headlight switch if that helps.
I don't have anything aftermarket on it, it is completely stock. No other lights were on, the switch was set to off. I don't have a voltmeter to check it so I can't. It hasn't done it again, next time it does I will try to take pics.
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