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I'm new to the site and looking for expertise...
I working on my 2014 Fusion Titanium AWD with a stuck rear pass side brake caliper.
I'm in the process of replacing brake pads. Drivers side went as planned, no issues.
Passenger side was disassembled and just looked rougher...not in as clean of shape.
With brake fluid reservoir cap loose. I removed the electric connection from the motor and then removed the motor just as I did on the DR side. With a socket on the end of the screw (piston) mistakenly the WRONG WAY and extended rather than retracting. Now I can't get the cylinder to retract, even with a C clamp. The screw even turns hard... harder than the DR side did. Did over extending the cylinder trash it? If not, any ideas on how to compress?
As always, any help will be appreciated.
Hi Dlee and welcome to the Ford Fusion Club. Please do not double post questions. It is easier for others to offer assistance when all questions/answers/information is located in one thread.

This thread will be closed/locked and your other one will be left open for members to help if they can.

Good luck.
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