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FMVdictionary was a project (previously known as the "Car Lingo Dictionary") started in late 2004 and later abandoned due to issues with our codebase at the time. Its purpose is to provide a repository of definitions of both car and internet related terms. We have restarted it now with the hopes that we can realize this purpose.

Please feel free to contribute by posting your own definition, following the below conventions:

1. The only thing the subject line should have is the world and/or abbreviation (if there is one)
-----Ex: Cold Air Intake (CAI)

2. The format of the post text should be:
Term: Cold Air Intake
Abbreviation: CAI
Relevant Links: If you feel like providing further information, either within the FMVperformance Automotive Communities or to some third party sites. Please do not link to other forums, or to retail sites.
See Also: If you want to link to any other definitions because they relate to this one

[b]Term: [/b]Put Term Here
[b]Abbreviation: [/b]Put Abbrev Here
[b]Definition: [/b]Put Definition here
[b]Relevant Links: [/b][url=/index.php?topic=]Put Link Name Here[/url]
[b]See Also: [/b][url=/index.php?topic=]Put Other Term Here[/url]
3. If there is an abbreviation, please post a second topic that has a subject line of just the abbreviation, and then the format of the post text should be:

Please see Cold Air Intake for more information.

Please see [url=/index.php?topic=12345]Cold Air Intake[/url] for more information.

If you feel a previously posted definition is in error, please post a correction as a reply to it, AND FLAG IT FOR MODERATOR REVIEW.

Please remember, Comments (Replies) on this site should be deleted - use them only to correct mistakes and such, and then incorporate them into the primary post through editing. This is an informational site, not a discussion-based one. If you post a comment, then come back later and see it missing, do not fear - the information has either been used, or not.

Also remember, if you are linking to another post or a user or some such item on, use only this for the URL: /index.php?topic=1234 or /index.php?uid=1234, etc. In other words, do not use the domain. Use a domain only if you specifically want to link to a different forum in our network.
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