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I just got one of these in the mail today. DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. I always rip junk mail in half and when I ripped this one they had a dollar bill in it! I then read the letter and it's an online survey for the Fusion. It looks like it's from Ford because it's asking about problems and comments on the car.

The dollar bill is so you'll feel guilty if you don't complete the survey. You're not going to throw it away, as you might a check. Although I guess you could always use the prepaid envelope to mail it back...

These surveys can help Ford, though. That is, unless the dealer pressures you to provide all top marks. Many dealers do this these days, for all brands. I've read of non-Ford owners being confronted by an angry service writer after turning in a less than top marks survey after a repair visit. So the system often becomes corrupted.

I'm conducting my own research, and I won't be paying anyone to participate. The difference is that the primary audience for the research will be the people who supply the data, not Ford. Those who contribute data will get the highest level of detail in return. In contrast, you never see the detailed results from these other surveys.
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