Rattle in the rear window/trunk area.

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Hello! I’m new to the forum and bought my 2020 ford fusion certified pre owned in April of 2023. It has around 24,600 miles and was a leased vehicle for 1 previous owner.

After a couple of weeks and driving through multiple rainstorms, I noticed a rattle coming from the rear window/trunk area. It happens over very subtle bumps in the road that would not ordinarily cause issue. I had put some grease on the rubber weather stripping where the trunk lid closes (on the exterior bottom of the rear windshield) and that stopped the noise for about 2 weeks. However, after rain showers, the grease was washed away and the noise returned. It sounds like a ‘plastic rubber’ rattle noise when going over any imperfections in the road.

The noise irritates me and I’m hoping for ideas on how to rectify the noise. I plan on taking it to the dealer for them address it.Rattle rear window/trunk
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