Rant against service department

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Well, I really liked my dealer....until today. Took the car in for the PCM reflash TSB--high idle at startup, occaisionally hard to start, sometimes shifts gears at the wrong time. I also have the buzz behind the instrument panel that there is a TSB on--symptoms exactly match my car. I printed both bulletins and took them with me. The lady running the service dept. today acted like I was wasting her time, and basically said that the high rpm idle was normal, and that they can't do any warranty work unless they can duplicate the problem. The starting and shifting problems are sporadic--there is virtually no chance that I can duplicate them on demand. As for the buzz/rattle, I was informed that one of their technicians is at school this week, and there was no way on earth that they could even listen to the car until sometime next week. She had no interest at all in reading the TSB printouts that I had found from this website.
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My experiences with my local dealer have been mixed. Seems like if you just want your oil changed or regular service they are happy to see you. However, if you bring them a problem or a TSB, they do all they can to make it sound like it's your problem or that the problem doesn't exist. And my service advisor does a terrible job of follow up. I always have to call to find out if/when my car is ready and whoever services my car always leaves dirty footprints or some "mark" that he was there.

I've owned Honda's, Chrysler's, MBenz, Lexus, VW, Infiniti, Nissan among others. Lexus clearly had the best service- almost to the point of being overly helpful. Unfortunately, my experiences with Ford & Chrysler have been the worst. I know it's a local dealer issue, but Ford needs to spend more time working with their dealers to keep their customers happy.
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