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Hi "(^ . ^)"

I don't know how to start that topic but I will try to be clear. One week ago, I bought this and it seems I like it. The booklets is very limited to explain things so I made a little diagram to identify which wires are what (on the left) and I also made another diagram for the ford fusion 2007 radio (on the right). Here is the diagram (hopefully its clear "(^ . ^)"

Since the tactile radio booklet is limited, I am facing to four (4) orphan wires (PIN 5, 6, 10, 11) and on the ford fusion, I am facing to three (3) orphan wires (15, 18, 19)... the total sum makes me... lost "(¬ . ¬)" If there is a Saint around here, I would like some help because I don't want to burn anything "(- . -)"

Thank you very much
Merci tres beaucoup

PS : If you have full of questions, I will answer with full open arms "(ღ˘ ⌣ ˘ღ)"

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