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This may work with recent Ford Radios in other models.

Turn the radio on and tune to an AM station.

Press both the 3 and 6 presets at the same time. The radio will send audio through each speaker for a second or two with the display indicating the speaker (LF, RF, etc). Good for checking if the speaker works.

If you press a preset during the speaker test you can get some other tests.

Press 1 for Self Test. Test OK will come up when done and good. If some trouble codes come up you can use the menu down key (Right of the CD slot) to scroll through the codes.
Press 2 for Trouble Code Display. This will display certain radio trouble codes. Use the menu up key to scroll through the codes.
Press 3 for Signal Strength. This displays a signal strength number.
Press 4 for Software Version. Use the menu up to scroll through the software version of various components.
Press 5 for Display Test. Lights up all the display segments.
Press 6 for Configuration Status. Use the menu button to get the ACM Part Number.

You can turn off the radio to get out of diagnostic mode.

73 Eric
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