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This isn't exactly brand new but I thought I'd post it since no one else has.
I never saw it coming but I suppose it makes sense once you read the article. Ford is looking at little gimpy right now. I hope they full outta this funk. Even hybrid sales are off. I suppose you can kiss your dreams of an svt fusion buh-bye... :x
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that bull crap... cuz of their desire to retire and quit we will no longer have SVT products.... thats just wrong man... :huh:
Actually this may be a good thing. SVT was a separate franchise that alianated many buyers since all Ford dealers couldn't get them. This led to lower sales and the demise of the program Look for the replacement to be available to all dealers like the new Shelby. This is going to be handled like Escape Hybrid were any dealer can get them if they choose to do the training. It may be like Chevy's SS program. So I see this as a good thing not a bad.
I know that we like the performance aura around SVT, but frankly, 99% of the car-buying public doesn't even know what it is. Ford needs to devote more resources to cars that average Americans will drive. The Fusion and 500 are good starts in that direction. Much as I would like to have a an Adrenaline Sport Trac or Lightning, I can't purchase one now. I have a wife and two kids, and I wanted a sporty looking car with 4 doors that was cheap and got good gas mileage. The Fusion fits that role perfectly. Ford needs to take these resources and minds and devote them to better designed "mainstream" vehicles that will compete with Accord, Civic, Camry, and Corolla.
regardless... i still say that it blows... I was really looking forward to seing and parhaps purchasing an SVT version of the Fusion.
but now that this is done for... whats next? .. a Fusion GT? hah
I vote for the TypeR model including stickers, fiberglass add-ons, and seatbelt covers :lol:
I think the problem in what killed SVT is you are partially right that not a lot of people knew of SVT. I think Ford made a mistake by not making SVT available at all dealers like DaimlerChrysler did with the SRT vehicles.
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