Questions on 3.0L V6 READ ME Intake Throttle Body Diamater Question

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Hi all, I'm new here but really like my Fusion, I sold my 03 eclipse gt and one of my mustang gt's and got the Fusion. I have since sent my tuner to Steeda fora Fusion tune, ordered their CAI and a magnaflow catback. My question is this

ONLINE It SAYS THE STOCK THROTTLE BODY is 60mm, DOES ANYONE KNOW THE SIZE OF THE ACTUAL INLET DIAMATER ON THE INTAKE? I wanted to send the unit to proflow if it can be opened up but not sure on the intake diameter, any links or help would be awesome!! Does anyone make headers for these yet?

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ummm, don't know if u got your steeda intake on yet,but if you havn't just thought I'd let ya know that the intake tube is that runs to the ETC module is the factory ones and the Steeda intake merely hops on it a hair before the MAF.
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been thinking of making a tbs myself. if i ever get around to it i will mic it all out and could post dimensions on the site.

have a bridgeport (milling machine) at work. easily do the job like a professional :)

and it would cost me nothing to make it except time spent...

And, I would buy one from you sir. :D
noche, have u seen the steeda throttle body spacer? I think these things are crocks of bull, know anyone who has tried one?
evap leak., tell me more. lol. I know what u mean. Might as well go out and spend the 30$ on the "Tornado" than 79.--- on an aluminum throttle body spacer.
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