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Hi I'm new here I have been doing a lot of reading through the forums. This is my first post. I have a Black 06 Fusion S and I had a few questions about the springs.

Q1. Are the stock springs on both the front and back the same size? Or is one end shorter than the other? I know the front end is a little bit lower than the back because of the engine.

Q2. I live in Mass. and right now I have the 16 inch steel wheels with hubcaps with snow tires on. In the spring I'll be putting on the 17 inch factory alloys. I don't have any tires on those rims yet. I've seen the different picks of your guys cars with the different drops they look great. I was thinking H&R but I wasn't sure because I have those Fusion molded mud flaps and was wondering if there would be enough clearance for them with the H&R drop or would they be dragging on the ground and get ripped off by going over a speed bump or pulling into a driveway or parking lot that has a somewhat steep incline at the entrance? Also would the car itself possibly bottom out much?

Q3. I know from the different posts there is a big difference between the stock handling and the H&R handling but is there a big difference between the stock handling and the Eibach handling? I mean is it worth getting the Eibach springs do they really make a difference in how the car looks and handles? I would love to have the lower drop with the H&R springs but if I’m going to be bottoming out and dragging on the ground evry time I hit a pothole or go over a speed bump or drive into a driveway or parking lot is it worth it? The roads are good up here but aren’t as great as the ones you guys have in CA and FL. Or should I go with Eibach springs which don’t drop as much but they give me a little more clearance than the H&R’s. Or should I not even bother to drop the car?
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if i were you i'd go with the eibach setup. it doesn't drop as much as the HR, but it still drops 1.6 inches, and this is at both ends (HR is like 1.9, so not much more). the HR springs drop the rear more and it looks ridiculous because the front sits up higher than the rear. dumb imo. the eibachs are tried and true and will still give you real world useability without worrying about rubbing all the time. search around and you will find pics of both.
Ya I think I'll go with the Eibach setup 1.6 is low enough. I'll do it after the winter is over I want to get the Magnaflow first.
yep, that's my plan too. after winter i'll drop it with eibachs and stock 16's.
How careful do you have to be with a 1.6" drop? How bad is the bottoming out? I plan on doing a drop and adding the 3D Carbon kit, but I'm worried that the nose piece would take a beating if the car is lowered.
Hey Just to let you guys know You can get Vogtland Springs if you can find them. They are made in Germany The part number is 958027 These springs also fit on the Mazda 6 They drop the car 1.4
Also They Give this part number for the fusion 958029 This one here is labeled for the 6 cylinder. The other part number in my previous post was the part number they give for the 4 cylinder. I have read that these springs are better than H&R and Eibach and also that they give a better ride and better handling although they don't lower the car as much as H&R or Eibach.
Better ride AND better handling sounds like marketing BS. A better ride would come from a softer rate, and less drop. Better handling would come from a higher rate and more drop. This of course is assuming the shocks are capable of handling the rates on both setups.

At this time, nobody seems to make Fusion specific springs that help with the Fusions understeering tendency. The suspension design is shared with the Mazda6, but the spring rates are 5% softer in the front, and 10% softer in the rear. As long as aftermarket coils maintain the same balance as stock, the understeer won't get much better.
What Kinda $$ are we talkin' for these springs?
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