Questions about Sponsors and the role of the forum.

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When a sponsor is not doing their job to satisfy the forum members.. shouldn't the forum step in and do something?

the sponsor i have in mind... i am sure all of you know which one it is. They took my money 8 months ago, and I have yet to get anything. Shouldn't the forum step in and do something about it?
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Sorry to hear about your problems. Best thing to do is send the Admins a Personal Message. I would PM HoleyDonut, MZ6ZoomZoom, MZ3ZoomZoom, FlippedCracker. They should be able to help you solve this issue.

Have you talked with the company at all? They can't take care of this?
well they can. but they just keep dragging on and on and on.. and on and on. I don't want to PM.. I want it out in the open.. and get some opinions.
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well they can. but they just keep dragging on and on and on.. and on and on. I don't want to PM.. I want it out in the open.. and get some opinions.

:werd: I'm sure once they see this thread they will help you out brother.
Thanks dude. I am not the only one that is affected Many others are in the same boat.
Generally the forum doesn't get involved in any official capacity with the interactions between members and the sponsors, other than to keep things orderly. They're advertisers, and if they have poor practices, then people can say that - but unless it gets really bad, the forum itself isn't going to suspend their account or anything like that.

Which sponsor is this?
Reason i posted in here because i dont think the sponsor can see this section. As Draxas still holds my $400 that I paid back in May 2005.

I dont know why I posted it as I dont think there's much the forum can really do.. maybe it's just because i am feeling a little cheesed off. A lttle pissed off. A little bit of hopelessness. The redevelopment of the header has kept on being pushed back, and back.. and there doesn't seem to be an end to when the new header is coming out. I feel like that 400 bucks is long gone and I am not going to see anything in return.

The lack of communication with the sponsor doesn't help either.

One more thing is that they are still advertising the header as In Stock and Ready to Ship on their website, but obviously that is not the case. Newer member are obviously not knowing the fitment issue and they are still putting orders through for the header. I dont want them to have to go through what I am going through right now. It's painful to send out and email, then you wait a week to get a reply that say, "it's close to being done". When I was told it was close to being done last october.

That's all.

Edit: To add, I am not the only member that's waiting for this. A lot of others are waiting as hopelessly as I am.

-- Thomas
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that sucks to hear :( . You'd think they would at least give you your money back if they aren't even going to sell you a header. And I know for sure you aren't going to want to purchase a header that has fitment issues.
Isnt DraXas currently redesigning the headers to fix all fitment issues?
Draxas has been redesigning this since the discovery of this issue. Which was july 05.
Ummm how did you pay?? Paypal or directly to them...If a Credit card was used lodge a dispute with you CC ompany.Put them to work for ou...Im sure tis will be resolved fairly quickly onc you get the CC company threteing a chargeback to them..
it's way too late for a CC charge back. 3 months was the deadline.
Yeah, they've been redesigning it, I believe. I'm sure they'll refund $ if you want them to... other than that, not sure what to say.
Yea.... that's what I thought... But I just needed to let it out.
Still there is nothing you guys can do? I am SURE he has contact you guys in some ways. I have NOT received an email or anything from them for a month now. At least say something.
I need to contact DraXas about something later anyway, I'll ask about headers while I'm doing it.
Please. He's not responding to me at all. I am out so much money and there's nothing I can do with the CC company.. this is so depressing....
Thanks for deleting my thread guys. Really appreciates your "help"
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