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One question is has anyone ever had this gas smell and it was NOT the PTU?

I just bought this car and it seems to be a good one, even in respect to the PTU. It looks clean and has no signs (the leaks or vent weeping or push out of black fluid. The car has just over 125,000 km or 75,000 miles. I have no idea about the history because it was a theft recovery and came with nothing except a key. But some logic leave me to a few conclusions. 1) it may have been already replaced. 2) The car was used very little, as the mileage suggests. (at 125,000 over 12 years it works out to two choices. A short commute or an owner who didn't drive much. Either senario does not have the car getting too darn hot. Fingers crossed! )

I have been looking for info as to what the difference is between the differnt PTU's out there? Based on the looks of them I think there are minor differences.

My plan right now is to use the car as a winter car because i have a sports car and a 328 for the other parts of the year.
So once I get to March I plan to do a drain plug install as in one of the videos below. In the next week or so I will see if the fluid is dead or not by checking it.

Below is links to sites and info I have found. I hope some of you reading will share some of th info you have found as well.

My car:
Body style:
Brake system:
4-Wheel ABS
Cargo volume:
15.80 cu. ft. / 447.4 liter
Consumption in the city:
17 miles/gallon / 13.8 liters/100 km
Consumption on the highway:
25 miles/gallon / 9.4 liters/100 km
Engine capacity:
V6, 3.0L Duratec; 203-221BHP
Engine series:
V-6 3.0L
Engine type:
3.0L V6 DOHC 24V
Fuel tank:
17.50 gallon / 66.2 liter
Fuel type:
Overall height:
57.20 in / 145.3 cm
Overall length:
190.20 in / 483.1 cm
Overall width:
72.20 in / 183.4 cm
Safety restraints:
Active Belts, Driver/Pass Air, Side Air
Standard seating:
Steering Type:
Transmission: 6 speed
Trim level:
Turning Diameter:
40.00 ft / 12.2 m
Warranty distance:
36 000 mile / 57 000 km
Warranty duration:
36 month
107.40 in / 272.8 cm
Plant Information: HERMOSILLO, MEXICO
Info: 1 recall but no parts till March

2007 ford: 3.0L..gear lube puking out of the top vent cap..blowing…
Pretty straight forward info.

This guy takes it apart so you can see the space available if you want to drill and tap for a plug.

Good description of what goes wrong etc.

10,000mile fluid change after drill n tap of PTU on Ford Edge

Some good tips for filling a new one and perhaps retfit a old one.

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I found one profound video where the guy said if you have the propane smell then it is already too late. Well the propane smell can't be from propane as the car doesn't have any on board. So it can only come from burning OR boiling oil. Oil getting hot enough to break down into smaller chain structures will give you gas that smells a lot like propane.
If as the guy says my PTU is past being salvaged by new oil (seems to be as I suctioned out 13 oz and put new in to find on the first trip the smell was still there.) I also live 5km from work. Not enough time for the Cat to get hot enough to boil the oil in the unit. The real test for this would be to roll it down some 10km hill without starting the motor, but that is some 150km away from my home.
So I have bought a Dorman PTU from Rock Auto and will get it installed ion the next while. It was almost $1300 with tax and delivery. That is Canadian funds.
I also found this listing of the different units. I think this came from This site: Power Transfer Units - Transtar Industries

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Found some more info. today and will post it here as well.
Other forums have posts as well.
The best info I have found on this came from a SHO forum. Below is a synopsis and here is the link: Propane, Or Natural Gas Odor During Idle Or Low Speed Driving – 2007-2015 Ford & Lincoln | Ford

Propane, Or Natural Gas Odor During Idle Or Low Speed Driving – 2007-2015 Ford & Lincoln
oemdtc April 5, 2016

2007-2015 Various Vehicles Equipped With All Wheel Drive – Propane, Or Natural Gas Odor During Idle Or Low Speed Driving
2013-2015 MKZ vehicles equipped with a 3.7L, 2007-2014 Edge, 2007-2015 MKX, 2011-2015 Explorer, 2009-2015 Flex, 2010-2015 MKT, 2008-2015 Taurus, 2008-2009 Taurus X, 2009-2015 MKS, 2007-2012 Fusion/MKZ, and 2007-2011 Milan vehicles equipped with a PTU can exhibit a propane, or natural gas odor from the HVAC system after driving the vehicle for 20-45 minutes.
This odor, if present, is most noticeable while idling or during low speed driving.
Inspect the PTU (Power Transfer Unit) for fluid leaks and repair any leaks.
If odor is still present after the leak repair and cleaning, replace the PTU and vent hose, if equipped.
For vehicles with no leaks and odor present, replace the PTU along with the PTU vent hose, if equipped.
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