Problems with a dip stick

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Has anyone else noticed how anoying it is to try and read the oil level on the Dipstick ? Or is it just me... It seem no matter how many times or how long it sits I can't seem to read the level. It must have something to do with the relieved area creating sort of a air bubble that won't allow the oil to fill in. Big question: does anyone know if the Mazda stick will work and is it any different than the Ford version?
All help is appreciated.
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Thanks Swoop,

But don't you know I feel like the dumb ass right now, I can't stand repeating post and here I go and do the same thing. Well I know I got my name right "Confused" not only a state of mind but a way of life! Sounds like a commercial don't it. :screwy:

Cross Bolt I appologise.
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