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Not too long ago, I bought a used 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid.
The "Check Rear Park Aid" warning is on. According to the dealer who sold me the car, that's due to a small crack on the driver's side mirror (which I don't think is worth replacing just for that).
Initially, pressing the Reset button would bring up the "Press reset to clear" message and then, pressing it again, would clear out the warning and I'd be able to access the other setup features (at least until I restarted the car, when the warning would be back - but that's okay).
However, a few weeks ago that stoped working. Now, when I press the Reset button, I still get the "Press reset to clear" message, but pressing/holding it again does nothing and after a few seconds it just goes back to the "Check Rear Park Aid" message.

Does anyone know how to fix that?
(Other than changing the entire mirror, because of a small crack)
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