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My 2010 Fusion power Windows not working except for rear passenger. Can’t find which fuse protects windows circuit, not listed in the manual.
H Eddie. It is listed in the PDF version of the 2010 Owners Manual (which is the same as the hard copy) as Fuse# 47 in the Passenger Compartment Fuse Box. Check your copy.

However, if the rear passenger window is working, it is most likely not the fuse, since they all seem to be on the same circuit. It could be a switch issue.

Do any of the door switches for the windows work? Have you checked to see if the individual switches on the doors of the three non-functional windows work?

Does your 2010 Fusion have the "Global Opening" feature? That is the feature that allows you to open some windows (according to model) and moonroof (if equipped ) by holding the unlock button on the remote control for ~5 seconds. If yes, try that function to see if they will open.

Need to try and narrow down the cause.

Let us know how you make out and good luck.
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