Will these look good on a Dark Blue Pearl Fusion?

Possible Purchase: 19" x 7.5" ADR Victory wheels

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Do you think these wheels will look good on my Dark Blue Pearl Fusion?

They are 19" x 7.5", with a +48 offset. I need to do some research on the stock offset, but the guy is going to let me bolt them on first, to see how they fit.

Please, give me your opinion.

I can get them with good tires for $600.

What do you think?
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Here's my 2cents and I don't mean to offend anyone- I wish I had the $$ to put rims on my car.  2 reasons I'm not crazy about the rims.  First, it shows too much, meaning you can see through it too easily.  Not a big deal if you have 14" slotted rotors with 6 piston cailpers to show off.  The Fusion brake assembly isn't exactly a work of art.  Second, I prefer a rim that looks like it was made for your car- specifically in regards to the number of lug holes.  I would prefer the wheel have only 5 lug holes, or at least a cover with a nice center cap.  Those "universal fit" rims look kinda cheap and rice to me.  But as I've said before on other threads, as long as you like them- knock yourself out.  :)

understand what you are saying and i can agree with you. that is why i am going to be putting sloted rotors on and paint the calipers red just to make everything look better. that along with dropping it 1.6 inches all the way around should give it a good look. But i do like the wheels i thing they go well with the over all look of my car. The black inside with the pollished face works with the black anc chrome of the car.
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