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great. i just put in a small donation. i was looking for a way to do this, and what a way with one of my favorite forums. my amount may be odd, but $33.33 seemed good to me. not a big amount, but just in hopes and for the spirit of helping out in the probably the worst natural disaster in the past 50 years. i can't even think of anything even close to the level of this. the WTC was about 2000 people. this catastrophe is reaching 100 times the level of that. i only hope this can help out the cause, and maybe our president will decide to fork over more than the $350 million he "deemed appropriate" from the intel he got. funny how, the florida hurricanes were supposedly funded $13.2 billion from the US budget. i'm not sure of the accuracy of this, but i did read this in yahoo news recently. not to get too political, but bush, ante up. just because re-election year passed by and you have secured your job for 4 more years, let's not be naive and ignorant as to what just happened in the world.

thanks for the post about this donation fund site. take care everyone.

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Oh now, don't start the Bush bashing. It's hard to give money where there is none to give...but I know you wouldn't be one of the first ones to complain when the deficit rises.

Bush and Clinton are going to tour the country trying to raise money for the victims :eek: . You can read about it at

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The following is an email from a friend of mine that I'd like everyone to read. I just donated 50 dollars via paypal to come from the site. I hope this story helps people that may not normally donate to such causes to change their minds because every bit is going to help these people.


> Hello Friends,
> This is an email from my friend in Florida. He emailed a good friend of ours recounting the events of the Tsunami he lived through while he is
on vacation in Thailand.
> In short, he is okay.
> Please read and pass it along.

> 10:30 A.M. my friend Todd and I were packing our
> bags to head off Phi Phi Island. We were there for 3
> days diving and celebrating Christmas. We heard some
> commotion outside our beachfront bungalow. Todd opened
> the door and "whoosh" the water started rushing in.
> Todd laughed. I told him we gotta get out but the
> water level rose so fast. We were trapped in the room,
> furniture was floating all over the place. A table
> blocked the door.
> The water level was at least 7 or eight feet in
> seconds. I think Todd was able to swim under the table
> but I was stuck. He pulled on my arm from outside the
> room but the current would not let me out. Finally I
> said, "We are going to die!" Moments later, I was
> underwater. Luckily the back wall of the bungalow gave
> out and I forced my arm free from Todd. I was swept
> with the current through the room and out the back.
> About 50 yards away I snagged a tree and climbed in. I
> tried to pull a woman up with me but could not get a
> grip, she slipped away. I never saw her again. Minutes
> later the water level went down and all seemed ok. I
> found Todd. He was fine. We were banged up and bloody
> but alive. We ran up a hill where there were many
> others gathered around a dead girl.
> Then the screams came again. Another wave. We all
> scurried up a mountainside as the wave took the rest
> of the town to the other side of the island. Once the
> water went down, more people scurried up. I ran down
> with a few others, Todd in tow and began looking for
> friends. The town was leveled.
> Thais were running food and water up the mountain as
> many of us started pulling survivors out of the
> rubble. There were only two buildings left standing,
> the Hotel Phi Phi and another... not sure the name.
> Todd, myself, another American (we'll call him
> Kansas) and David worked together most of the day with
> make shift stretchers bringing wounded down to triage
> at the Hotel. There were thousands of people up in the
> mountains and on rooftops and more floating out at
> sea. It was a major effort just maneuvering let alone
> carrying stretchers.
> A doctor named Eric and an English guy named CC
> showed up just before dark and really held the whole
> operation together. Choppers flew in with supplies and
> flew out with injured as we carted people off the
> rooftops and through the streets. I was constantly
> combing the ground for supplies like flashlights and
> batteries.
> There are so many horrific stories from so many
> perspectives.
> One woman in an Internet cafe when it filled up with
> water was swept out and dumped in the hotel lobby when
> the walls burst.
> One German man watched his girlfriend die, showed
> us her body, but continued to help in the rescue. We
> looked for our friends Judith and Ef but their hotel
> was nowhere to be found. Later we found out they were
> diving underwater when the Tsunami swept them out to
> sea. They are fine.
> The main village looked like a war zone. It was so
> hard to maneuver with the stretchers. And there were
> bodies strewn everywhere, possibley hundreds.
> We spent that entire day and night carrying people to
> the choppers that were flying in 3 or four and hour in
> constant fear of another wave. We set up a triage at
> the beach with two beacon fires for the choppers.
> Throughout the night there were broken survivors and
> walking wounded all over the place. We heard constant
> screams in the darkness. Thankfully there was a full
> moon to guide us all in the rescue. At around 2am I
> walked about 75 people down from the roof of the Phi
> Phi hotel to be treated for their wounds. Most were
> minor and would spend the night on the island. It was
> dark and treacherous walking through the streets and
> rubble but we kept going long after dawn. I was
> treated for my leg injuries the next day.
> We finally got all the serious off the island and
> from then on were dealing with so many lost souls. The
> walking dead... people desperately looking for loved
> ones.
> A 14 year old Swedish girl who lost her whole family,
> a very large German guy with no wounds but freaking
> out demanding to get on a chopper. It was total
> pandemonium. I was exhausted.
> I finally had to sleep on a loveseat I dragged out
> onto the hotel roof for a couple hours but we were all
> listening intently to the sea and the shortwave radio
> with voices constantly warning of more waves. They
> never came. Choppers flew in with supplies and flew
> out with injured and are still flying.
> I finally got off the island today and made my way
> with thousands to Phuket where the US embassy was set
> up with the others but was not prepared to help. The
> Thai people were wonderful; giving, giving, giving and
> so sympathetic, even apologetic.... like it was their
> fault our trip was ruined.
> I was treated for my wounds in Bangkok today and
> again the US embassy failed us miserably. All other
> embassies were at the airport helping their people but
> ours were nowhere to be found.
> When I went to their office they would not even let
> me use the Internet or make a phone call. Had no food
> and told me to get a new passport I would have to go
> down the street to get a photo taken. I explained to
> them I had no money so after mounds of paperwork they
> gave me a $100 loan. Hope I get a good interest rate
> ;)
> Gotta go. Still in Thailand until the 9th. I can
> write more tomorrow if you like. Tell Lauderdale I am
> ok, broke and hungry but okay.... and we are well
> represented in Thailand.
> I have a shirt and shoes and my life and am very
> grateful. And I am very great full to Thai
> hospitality.
> Love to all,
> One of the lucky ones.
> tim

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In following sidespin's creativity, my 33.33 has been sent. Thanks for what you're doing.

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We've now passed the 10% mark to our goal thanks to the donations of about 0.0008 percent of our members (plus the FMVp matching agreement). ;)

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Ive already donated through CARE Australia, but I must say, the American goverments is being pretty stingy.
The Australian Government has pledged $764 million US, and we are a poorer country when compared to the US.
So I think a poorer nation donating more then double of that of the richest nation is pretty bad.

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Well, we also sent a carrier battlegroup and a marine amphibious unit... those cost a bit of money to deploy too ;)

(I'm not saying that I defend the decisions our government has made, and I'm not saying I approve of them... just stating a fact)

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Remember the American people are also going to donate ALOT of money, more so than the australian people will. Remember our government is extremely poor, it's the people. The government is in debt $7,614,911,622,310.57 :shock: . If everyone would stopbuying bonds, the government would go bankrupt :shock: .

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Actually make it $810 million as australia added 46 million.

And so far the australian public and corporate donations to tsunami disaster relief appeals have passed the $100 million mark. That makes an average of $5 from each australian, including kids, babies, anyone.

Think thats good, Michael Schumacher gave $10 million of his own dollars!

Just a little update, and i quote, "By comparison, donations to aid agencies in Britain have totalled $186.55 million, or just more than $3 each, while Americans have donated $257.3 million, or 88c each."

Sure the net total might be more, but the average donation per person is what matters, as Australia has a pretty small population.


Well just pledged another 1 Billion over the next 3 years for rebuilding roads houses etc, so thats 1.8 Billion all up from our goverment.

I knew their was a reason we re-elected howard.

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MZ6ZoomZoom said:
Can we not turn this into a "my government is better than your government" argument please ;)
Yep im sorry, that'll be the end of it, just the "American people will donate more the Aussies" comment made me a bit touchy, even though i know it wasnt meant in that way.

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Ah it's no prob, I just want to keep this thread focused on the issue of getting them more money. I have no problem with the discussion that was going on, just don't want to clutter up this thread :)

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Where's every body at? if half our members gave 1.00 this fund would be in great shape!
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