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Ford Fusion

Don: H'mm. This one is supposed to be a smaller version of a family sedan, but it looks more upscale and elegant than the larger, rather bland Ford Five Hundred. It also looks like it costs more than the bigger Five Hundred. Wonder how consumers will react to that?

Matt: Clean and yet distinctive, this new Ford has the character that the Ford Five Hundred lacks. A classy interior and promised top-notch road dynamics complete a very competitive package in the Fusion, which will be slotted in size between a VW Passat and the Mazda 6.

All indications are that the upcoming refresh of the Five Hundred will draw on the more aggressive and distinctive face of the Fusion -- a good thing. Overall, it's not a revolution like the Chrysler 300, but the Fusion definitely is one of the strongest sedans out of Detroit in years.
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