Pinstriping anyone?

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Has anyone added a pinstripe to their Fusion yet? There's a guy down the road from me that does awesome pinstripe work and he tells me that it would look good on my car....I've got the Charcoal Beige with some medium window tint, so I'm not too sure how a pinstripe would look. If you have a good design, please post it so that I can steal the idea please? :)

I promise I won't copy it 100% if you're within 200 miles of where I live..........
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I plan on getting mine stripped (after I buy it next month). Cars used always come with a thin double stripe front to back along the sides just below the window. Pick up some pin stripe tape in different colors and try it out to see if you like...........and then have the "expert do it for real"

cheers! :shock:
Just don't let them overcharge for it------it ain't that difficult, they will make you think it is!
I had my dealer install a pinstripe. I figured I would have them do it cause I don't really trust myself with something cosmetic. I paid $99 for them to install a double pin stripe (I have no idea if that is a good deal or not, but they helped get a lots-o $$ off the car). I think they look good and help to breakup the single color paint. As far as a design, one of the intallers came up with this simple idea. The upper pinstripe starts at the bottom and then bends up to the top and it does that in the back too.


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I don't know if mine was factory or dealer but I peeled my pin stripe off. I think it looks cleaner without it.
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I don't know if mine was factory or dealer but I peeled my pin stripe off. I think it looks cleaner without it.


I did the same.
The dealership where I bought my car already had the pin stripe on it. I like it, adds to the look overall in my opinion.
Mustang68 - that looks pretty clean - I wonder how that would look on my charcoal beige 06 SEL?

Only one way to find out I guess. Thanks for the pic!!
I think pinstripes are disgusting. It's even worse when a pinstripe "artist" makes those god awful squigglies all over the place.
not my thing... sorry..
Well, I did see one for the first time today on a ghettoed out Fusion in my color and it just didn't look right. On Mustang's color, the pinstriping does look pretty good, but on the Charcoal Beige it just didn't look good IMO.
mustang68s - I'm digging the pinstripe :goodjob:
I'm not one for pinstriping but it was already done to my Fusion
it's painted on instead of just vinyl. Here is a picture of it...
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I like pinstriping. I've had it done to my past Mustang GT's, & I'll have it done to my SEL.
Get a nice dual stipe, constrasting color, 1, 2x wider than the other, go all around the car, at just above door handle level, it will look GREAT. Should cost about $ 30 - 40.
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