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Since there's so few parts out for this car, I figure we can all list who has what until companies start making thing for it.

Also, would anybody be interested in trying to contact some companies to get them to make stuff?

Springs- H&R springs-

Body kit- 3d Carbon- (only place I've seen it.)
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I'd really love to see this car with some tuning. I already e-mailed SCT about a flash.
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I'd really love to see this car with some tuning.

We have it. [email protected]

See our vendor section, the Drivetrain section or e-mail for more info.
I sent you an e-mail pete
[quote author=UtOhCop link=topic=37104.msg537510#msg537510 date=1136764460]
I sent you an e-mail pete

I don't think I got it. Unless you sent it from a diff e-mail address than the one you have listed here. has power programmers ready to rock and roll. I should be ordering mine soon.

They are available exclusively through a personal friend of mine, and owner of, Jusnes Modified.

Talk to Bob Jusnes, he gets with the owner of Bamachips and they'll send you the programmer.

There are different types that you can get, so go check it out!
Seems these cars seem too new for aftermarket stuff.

Has anyone found a set of winter floor mats? Weathertch, Husky, etc don't even have the car on their drop down list.

Please post stuff as you find it, na dI'm definately interested in the performance chips. Thanks 8)
As far as floor mats, I just bought winter ones from K-Mart. They fit pretty good, but not near custom mats.
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