Performance Parts for my 06 SEL???

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Well I just picked up my 06 SEL Fusion. This is a great car. Now is the time for some performance mods. I saw that some people have been using Mazda 6 parts. Swaybars,Strut tower brace. I am wondering how many part of the Mazda 6 fit the 06 Fusion. (ie brakes, exhaust, Suspension). Anybody have some info. on this?????
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Alll suspension parts for the Mazda6 will work on the Fusion.

Brake parts for an '06+ Mazda6 "should" work, but I can't verify that yet. The brake setup on the Mazda6 was updated to Fusion specs in '06, so any brake parts for pre-'06 Mazda6 cars won't work.

The Mazda6 engine is closely related to the Fusion, buy uses different controls. CAIs, chips, catback exhausts, etc. designed for the Mazda6 aren't Fusion compatible.

Aftermarket wheels for the Mazda6 will bolt up, but the Mazda6 takes a wheel with more backspacing than the Fusion, so be sure to verify the backspacing before buying. Stock Mazda6 wheels will bolt up, but they have too much backspacing to look proper in the wheelwells.
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