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Is there a performance clutch out yet? It looks like I might have some tranny work done and it's one of those "while it's out I might as well do it" things.
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You can do what you want but if this is going to be a 100000-mile dependable set of wheels, I wouldn’t do it. Just fix the problem with TLC.
Heavy pressure plates are hard on thrust main bearings and a high performance friction disc (depending on the friction material) is harder on the flywheel face.

If you are going to race it and dump it after a couple of years, go for it.

The reason I mentioned the tight splines is that I have seen this on automobiles and motorcycles. When one engages the clutch, instead of the friction disc floating free on the input shaft, it sometimes will stick at one end or the other end of the input shaft. That in turn will cause the disc to drag on the flywheel or at the other end, the pressure plate. This usually happens because of burs or even rust on the splines of the shaft or friction disc. The cure is to debur both and then use a (small amount) of high temperature anti seize on the splines. Oh, one more thing. Check for air in the hydraulics. That could also cause clutch drag, which would cause grinding shifts.

Gee: The luck of the draw. You shure have had your share of trouble. I hope it gets better for you.
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