People with Sunroof please read.

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We have had our Fusion for 3months and we are at 9000 mile. I just noticed that on the sunroof when you use the tilt function , the folded rubber for the anti-buffet is starting to tear. I went to the dealer this morning and new one are on order.
I just wanted to give other owners a heads up and to keep an eye on this.Thanks.
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Well my dealer BARTON FORD finally got my replacement parts in and i went over this morning to have them fitted.
45 minutes later the grease monkey brings back my car that he just destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah he decided to use a huge screwdriver to pry off the old rubbers and in doing this he destroyed the aluminium tracks that the sunnroof cover slides in.
So i go back inside and notify the service lady of the prob and she then calls the mech back up and i show him the problem, he looks at me with two heads. Then takes my car and dissapears back into the shop.
So i talk to the service manager and he can't belive what this guy has just done and tells him to order new parts that he has to pay for out of his own pocket.
Then i get my car back again now with the headliner covered in greasy finger prints, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
He also left his big ass screwdriver in my car.
What the hell is this world coming too, does nobody have any job pride anymore. This is the main reason i do all my own servicing!!
Imagine if i did that in my job??(Airline capt)

Dude, that is totally unacceptable. But, the part of the blame goes to the mechanic and the remainder to Ford's "flat rate" pay scale. The mechanics are trying to make the book times set by Ford. For example, say doing your repair requires .25 of an hour, but no human being can possibly do the job in such a short amount of time. In the real world, the repair may take .5 or .75 of an hour to do it right, so the tech is actually losing money so he tries to do it as quickly as possible. If he doesn't, then he has the service manager yelling at him to finish jobs more quickly. You need to find out the guy's name and make sure the service manager knows that he is never again allowed to touch your car. Once you find a tech that does a quality job, then you need to request that tech each time. Ford is losing a lot of really good techs because of this "flat rate" crap. I bet you see more "crappy" repairs in the future. Ford needs to see the "daylight" before it's lights-out for them.
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