People with Sunroof please read.

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We have had our Fusion for 3months and we are at 9000 mile. I just noticed that on the sunroof when you use the tilt function , the folded rubber for the anti-buffet is starting to tear. I went to the dealer this morning and new one are on order.
I just wanted to give other owners a heads up and to keep an eye on this.Thanks.
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:xDamnit! Mine ripped also on my Fusion SEL V6. I noticed it today on the left side. I'm kind of ticked off! This vehicle has just over 6,000 trouble free wonderful miles! I call this cosmetic and just a nuisance. Not like a complete engine failure or transmission failure...
oops, forgot to post. I had this problem. I took my Fusion to Sandy Ford in Sandy Oregon. A dealer east of Portland, Oregon. They do great work. They know what they are doing, they keep up on the latest issues with Ford vehicles. I had complete confidence they would fix my Fusion right the first time. Took it in and dropped it off. They gave me a ride home. About 3 hours later I get a call its ready. I inspected the work with one of the guys and all looked good. No scratches, no tears, no grease, looked like new! Very happy...
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