People with Sunroof please read.

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We have had our Fusion for 3months and we are at 9000 mile. I just noticed that on the sunroof when you use the tilt function , the folded rubber for the anti-buffet is starting to tear. I went to the dealer this morning and new one are on order.
I just wanted to give other owners a heads up and to keep an eye on this.Thanks.
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Yes some book times are a joke while others are generous for certain other repairs. The problem is not the flat rate times. The service manager does not scream at techs when they don't complete a job within the flat rate time, the problem is the imbeciles themselves. Some of these guys are F***ing brain dead, I've seen it for years, from grease all over interiors to busted and broken trim parts, lost parts, working on the wrong vehicles, missing keys, you name it. There are some good techs out there but just as many halfwits.
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