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Passenger seat will not go back.

The passenger seat on my 2011 Mercury Milan will not move back. I looked under the seat and watched as I moved the control. The right threaded rod is turning (and trying to move the seat), but left rod does not turn.

I am guessing something got unplugged??? I have looked closely under the seat and don’t see anything unplugged, but I do not exactly know what I should be looking for. First, I thought something might have fallen under the seat and is interfering with the movement. But, as I noted nod is turning and the other is not.

Anyone familiar with the wiring and plugs underneath?

Also, about the same time as the problem started, I was getting a warning light telling me that the passenger airbag would not deploy as there was something too close to the sensor on the passenger seat. But, that has gone away and is maybe not related.

A number of clues here. Any solutions?
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