Passenger airbag in rollover

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I am a police officer and a Fusion owner (since November, one of the first in Ottawa!). Yesterday 01July06, I investigated a rollover collision where a Fusion SEL (red, auto, leather, I-4) rolled 3 times in the ditch after hitting a large road sign. This was a rental out of Jersey (with Virginia plates) with just over 8000 miles on the odo. It made me a bit sad as it looked almost just like mine. But once we yanked it out of the ditch, I discovered something quite shocking. The airbags had both deployed, HOWEVER, the passenger airbag was loose in the passenger compartment. The whole mechanism (heavy metal housing which contained the pyro, etc) had separated from the mounting within the dash!!! It did not even look as though there were welds that broke, but rather ineffective compression mounts. Luckily it did not nail the passenger, but it would have been bouncing around inside there and could have easily caused some serious trauma. I have seen many rollovers, and airbag deployments, but this is a first. Anybody else seen this? I have photos of the mess if they can be posted (this is my first) GBF
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After looking at those pics, I had to see how the airbag is mounted.. From your pics, the welds broke on the brackets on the back if the air bag. Those two metal brackets are spot welded to the bottom of the bag and then its bolted to the dash thru those brackets. The deployment probably broke the welds and since the way it deploys it couldnt come out until the car was upside down. If it is a problem they will recall it. I wouldnt worry too much about it. It wouldnt be the first time I have seen airbag recalls from manufacturers.... I remember a few years ago one manufacturer had installed the curtain airbags backwards. I was glad to see a strong structure.
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