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2016 Ford Fusion Titanium
2008 Mercury Milan Premier V6

Current Mods:
Paint Matched Shark Fin.

Current Detailing Products:
Car Wash: Gtechniq G Wash
Polish: McKees 37 Polishes
Wax: None
Sealant: Gtechniq Crystal Serum
Spray Coating: Gtechniq C2V3 Liquid Crystal
Quick Detail: Gtechniq Quick Detail
Tire Shine: Optimum Opti-Bond
Glass Cleaner: Gtechniq Perfect Glass
Glass Coating: Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Glass Coating
Clay Bar: Nanoskin Fine Mitt
Paint Cleaning: Carpro Iron X
Wheel Cleaner: Chemical Guys Diablo Gel

I have a 2012 Ford Fusion Sport FWD with the 402A package. It has all options except the factory remote start, illuminated door sills, engine block heater, and daytime running lamps.

Modifications before I sold it:
-Fitted Floor Mats
-HID retrofit
-Denso Slim Potted Ballasts
-Osram 66240 CBI Bulbs
-Morimoto HD Relay
-EVO-XR Projectors
-Smoked side markers
-Carbon Fiber interior vinyl
-1080p Dash Cam
-VG Shark Fin
-Strut Tower Brace
-Wheels (18x8 Niche Targa)
-UHP tires (Cooper Zeon RS3-S)
-Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
-LED Retrofit
-Removed license plate bracket
-Bumper plugs

On Order/Pending Install
-Engine Cover

Planned Modifications:

-Steeda Hood Strut Kit
-Drilled rotors when stock ones wear out
-Custom 2.5 cat-back exhaust
-Exhaust cutout
-Front parking lamp switchbacks
-Weathertech Window Deflectors
-Steeda Intake
-Painted engine valve covers

Second day after I got her.

Fitted Floor Mats, nothin fancy.

First HiD retrofit parts came in -

Beautiful cutoff on the first try, although it later somehow got messed up....

Smoked Side Markers

1080p Dash Cam to record drives and stuff

Some vinyl wrap to the center console - this was my second attempt because I didn't have a heat gun originally.

A little sticker action xD

New wheels, Niche Targas!

Strut tower brace and Ford Fusion sticker gets put on

Plasti-dipped tail lights. I kinda like it, so I left it for now.

Sometime between the last few photos I painted all the calipers blue. I tried to get Ford blue, but it was a little darker. I like it because its different than the "red" that everyone does.

Finally time to get her lowered, ordered some Eibach springs - going on with stock struts cause the car has low mileage.

A little detail session:

HiD retrofit round 2!!!!!! this time with LED DRLs

Engine cover from a prior Fusion sport owner and new Denso ballasts cause 'MURICA!!!

Some current pictures..


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Good start on your mods!

BTW, I thought all 11-12 Sports had the dark chrome grille??

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Looks great! Mods are coming along nicely.

I don't think Ford Racing make springs anymore for the Fusion, but you could luck out and get a used set. As far as Steeda goes, lots of members have them and like them but they are made my different manufactures and branded Steeda so it all depends on who makes the spring. There's no real consistency from what I've read.

I picked up a 0.8" antenna for $10 on eBay that just screws on bc I couldn't justify spending $80 on an antenna lol. I'll post up a pic.

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Thank you!

I'm hoping I can find a Ford Racing set somewhere, and I am also considering Eibach. I don't want my car too low - no lower than 1.8

That little antenna looks good, might be a good alternative because I too do not want to spend that much for a shark fin.

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New side markers came in. I have to say - they were a huge pain in the ass to replace compared to the 06-09 models. Took about 20 minutes. It worked out because I had the bumper off anyways to work on my headlights.

Any way here is the before and after.


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Discussion Starter · #11 · final quick mod before I head out for New Years!

I bought some carbon fiber vinyl off eBay for 4 bucks. It came with enough to wrap the center console about 2.5 times. Took about 15 minutes.


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Looking pretty fly.. Love the black on black.. I just got mine last week.. haven't put em in yet too frickin cold damn I wish I had a garage. U go with Amber leds or keep stock bulbs?
Thanks. I'm pretty sure I got the idea from your thread. I'm running amber bulbs. Having a heated garage is also a plus!

Looking great!

Are those side markers from Klearz? I like'em pretty much!

Where did you bought?
Nope, I didn't like the way Klearz side markers looked. I got mine off of eBay - Depot brand. You can get them about $30-35 dollars which is cheaper than Klearz.
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