Painting The Lower Grill

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I'm thinking about painting the lower front grill of my Milan. I'd paint it chrome to match the other grill. Has anyone else already done this? What brand(s) of products should I use (cleanser, primer, paint).
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There are some products that will give you a "chrome like" appearance but it will never look as good as the top grille looks now. Thoses pieces are actual chrome over RIM molding, BUT is you really want to do this the following steps should be taken.

Remove the grille from the car, don't ever do work around the vehicle.
Clean it thoroughly with a Prep-Sol wax and grease remover.
Scuff sand the grille, all over for adhesion, with a 600 grit wet/dry sand paper
Clean the grille again with the Prep-Sol and tack off with a low tack cloth.
Use an adhesion promoter found at most auto paint stores, Pep Boys carries it in a spray can. and spray a light even coat over the entire grille and allow to dry for 1/2 hour.
Dupli-color carries a Chrome effects paint system in various color bases including Chrome, follow their directions for application.
Once you've applied the chrome effects base coat allow to dry for another 1/2 hour before clear coat.
The first two clear layers should be light but not dry, meaning you just don't want to load up the piece with heavy clear, depending on the weather, humidity will make the clear "blush" or turn milky, so light coats are the ticket.
Wait ten minutes between coats and apply a total of 4 coats and put the can down. Walk away and forget about it for about two hours. If you pick at it you will stick your finger in it and screw it up.
Allow the part to dry a total of 6 hours before handling and reinstall the grille.

Good luck, remember some of the best paint jobs are those that you don't pay attention to. If you worry about it something always happens.
If you run into a bind, drop a note and discribe the issue. If it really looks like ass you can just wash it off and start over.
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  Confusion : The Milan has what looks like some High Tech looking Silver Paint on the grill. Is that what you are talking about when say chrome? It seems to be fairly durable when it comes to scratches.

I'll need to see at Milan up close to see what you're asking about. At the time yesterday I was looking at a picture of a Milan and assumed it would be Plastichrome like the Fusion, I drop by a Mercury dealer this afternoon to verify. If it's a painted coating like a high gloss silver the whole thing will be a snap. While I'm looking I'll let you know if a Flex additive is needed in the form of a fascia paint.
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