Painted front grill question?

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I am thinking about paint the front grill and lower grill. I have photoshop a picture of the grill with the effect I would like to get. Question is how do you go about getting the grill that black glossy color (Black Chrome?) like my photoshop picture? The ford Emblem will still be blue. Thanks in advanced for any advice.

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It is White... I haven't thought about the Color match idea. I give that a thought too. Thanks for the idea!
The pic only show the upper grill the the way I would like it. I didn't thouch the lower grill but I would like the same effect.
I am thinking about try something from Dupli-Color "Metalcast" Smoke color. Not sure about the smoke color, but it is designed to be used on chrome and chrome materials. IF the color is not right I might try sanding, premiering, and doing a gloss black paint job with a few coats for depth and then a couple coats of clear.

I really need to figure out how much this grill is so if it doesn't turn out right I can return it to new.

Hopefully I will be able to make it off base on of these days and check out the auto parts store around here for some products.
Well I tried this weekend to remove the grill. I could not figure out where the front fascia is hanging up on to remove it and gain access to the grill mount. I removed all of the screws on the bottom of the fascia, the screws bolts and hardware fastener on the top, the wheel well fastener and two screws that hold the marker light on. And it was still hanging up on something.

After looking for instruction on the web I ran across a web site that said the 2007 SE sport will come with a black chrome front grill. I might just wait until that come out and see if I can get my hands on that. Can't find the site right will look some more later.
Yea I think that is the same one. Going to wait and see. I might just spend the money and get the Street Scene Black chrome Grill and lower valance.
Here is my grille with a graphite color applied. I need to let it dry a couple of days before applying the rubbing compound and polishing compounds.

I will get better picture tomorrow little dark here and flash is messing up the shot

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I am thinking about have the driving light painted white to match the car along with the strip across the back of the trunk. I just want it to be a little different form all of the other fusion around here. Did not see but one around here until I got my and now there is like three on my street alone. Gotta to make it unique.  8)

It looks a lot better than the picture show hopefully tomorrow will produce batter picture for you to see. Thanks for the comments
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