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4 Pacer Sport Schuster Wheels 17X7 (Forged Aluminum). ET: 40 PCD & Holes: 100+114.3 X 10H Backspacing: 139.9 Center Bore: 73.1 X Factor: 31.5 Weight: 6.9KG, multi bolt pattern allows this to fit Honda, Mazda & Subaru vehicles.
Wheel Info: Welcome to PacerSport

Dunlop Star Z1 225/45/17 . One tire has a nail in it, and just needs to be plugged and your good. Still have a bit of life on them for street racing tires.

Tire Info: Not much has changed form the Z1 to the Z2:!&ef_id=WlHT2AAAAKF8GDjF:20180926024848:s

Super lightweight wheels, please check your vehicles spec, these should fit most Hondas, Mazdas & Subarus due to the dual type of fitment this wheel has.

First one to me with $300 takes the wheels and tires.

Spec Flywheel SZ03A, just add a Friction Parts Kit and run it like new. $200 Currently at work and I can upload a pic of the flywheel after I get off duty tomorrow morning.SPEC Clutches & Flywheels: Auto Parts, Domestic, Import, Truck, Racing, Drifting :: Results By Car


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