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Hi folks,

I bought my Dad a cheap little 2012 Fusion with the 2.5 as he couldn't get up into his truck (which I ended up with). Shortly after buying it the check engine light came on with code P052b “Cold Start A Camshaft Position Timing Over Retarded Bank 1". It looks to have just the single VVT solenoid. From my research this can be wiring fault, solenoid fault, clogged up oil screen or timing issues.

The car seems to exhibit very little issues aside from poor fuel economy (~13mpg or 17L/100). Which makes sense as it's stuck in a rich running state. My Dad says the engine light comes on and off but I suspect that's just related to his short drive cycles as he doesn't go far these days.

So far I've tried:
Applied 12v direct to the solenoid, was able to manually actuate it consistently
Checked the harness to the solenoid for good ground and 12v

At this point am I looking at a stuck phaser? There doesn't seem to be a single fusion online with this issue. I am really hoping for a gummed up oil screen but I'd hate to fire the parts cannon at it.

Any thoughts?
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