open the tail lights?

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does anyone know how to get them apart and will they seal again or will they fill with moisture. I want to do something similar to this.

thanks to whoever posted that picture in the gallery, I really like that car.
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I bought one off ebay and tried it and no luck. I heated it up in the oven, and started pulling it apart, and sure as heck the whole thing cracked. There is actually a screw inside holding the chrome piece and the red piece together. But no they wont come apart.

If you got the plastic off that way there are 3 star screws that hold the chrome piece to the actual taillight itself. I was thinking about doing the oven thing but I was like naw sounds to ghetto. But my taillights needed to be darker after I got them smoked at the shop because I think they used a tint film rather then a spray which not only did it not reflect the light the way I wanted and give me the look I wanted but it made the taillights appear gold because of the chrome contrast behind it. So I bought some VHT Nite Shades and did some coats with that it turned out pretty well all I have to do is spray some clear coating and then I'll put up some pics
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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