Do you think you get good gas milage?

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Re: Official Gas Mileage Therad

Just turned 11,000 miles on my Milan Premier I4 Auto.Which was bought in late August of this year.
Granted I drive 90% Highway with round trips @ or over 300 miles.
I write down all my mileage in my little book. I saw this tread so I brought the book inside to lay some math down. Well the best Mileage I have recorded is 36.2 the worst was 29.1
My overall Mileage for the 11,000 miles has been 33.4 MPG My best guess would be this was at an average between 60 mph and 65mph.
Thats hard numbers not going by the gauge on the car.
I am very happy with the car and the fuel mileage.
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