Of The wall DREAM?

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I'am here, checkin out youtube.... Bla Bla Bla lookin at this rwd Convertd Evo9.... and iam thinking......Evo9 is awd????? soooo... is the SEL V6 fusion :)... Now yes i'am out of my mind. But not knowing anything about the awd fusion drivetrain, i dont even wana waste my time until i think it is worth it. But and give me a break on this, i know it is most likely stupid and very bad idea. The fusion is fwd based , i dunno how the awd system works i guess it is powered by the front thru some way i guess like the old awd prelude or ecplise.. But i was wondering if a awd fusion was to be moded like a evo 9 to cut power from the front wheels and put it all to the back... youd have a rwd fusion? remember this is just a off the wall dream i just had sitin here, thought i woud post this and see what everyone thinks. I still think i'am gonna trade the fusion in for a evo or g35... But a rwd fusion sounds insane. Soo ummmm let me know what yal think and if it can be done.
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