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So i got a promotion at work and my new position requires me to travel to amny different offices in a large radius here in Southeast Florida. My '95 Tbird (4.6l) actually does good on the highway (25 mpg), but my wife's 01 mustang GT was wearing her down (my wife hated the car in the last 6 months of ownership).

so recently, I replaced the yellowed headlights on my 'bird with new ones. My wife drove the car one night and about fell in love with it and proposed we trade cars.

So needless to say, I did my research on 4 door sedans.... I narrowed it down to a Fusion.

Last night my wife and I took the ole stang to the Ford Dealer and I drove home in a black SE V6 with the charcoal and camel interior. No real options except for the 6 speaker soundsystem and 16" cast wheels (no hubcaps).

Everyone at work was totally blown away at how cool this car is for the money. I LOVE IT!!

The car is powerful enough for me, smooth, quiet, and it really looks classy.

It may be a match made in heaven!

Now my list of things that need to happen to this car:

rear spoiler on deck lid (it look like one should be there, not a big one, like a shorty that barely comes off of the trunk lid, or maybe one like an Impala SS)
Chrome exhaust tips (the SEL looks MUCH better with the tips, but I can get that done at the local exhaust shop for about $50 MAX, or do it myself for about $20 cheaper)

I'll wait and see what the aftermarket has on store for this car, I can NEVER leave anything stock..
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I think there's gonna be alot of black Fusions on the road... 8)
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