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Hey everyone, Ford came out with a new TSB about the blower going to full speed on EATC equipped vehicles during cold start ups. It is supposed to wait until the engine is warmed to a set tempature before commanding the blower on high. All the TSB consists of is a EATC module reprograming. TSB number 06-9-1
I haven't seen the dash popping fix TSB yet, but when it comes out I will let you all know.

Some 2006 Fusion/Milan/Zephyr vehicles equipped with electronic automatic temperature control (EATC) may exhibit a customer concern with the blower motor coming on at high speed immediately upon starting the vehicle. The cold engine lock out (CELO) strategy is a software routine which limits the blower speed and mode position during a cold engine startup. The routine waits for a specific time, or the engine coolant temperature to increase past a threshold before allowing the blower and mode normal operational freedom. If it does not function correctly, in cold conditions the system may blow cold air at high blower speeds into the vehicle
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