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I was on base the other day and decided to check out the car audio section at the BX (sort of like a wal-mart). Low and behold, there was kenwood DDX-7017 double din dvd player on the shelf. But the price didn't look right, it was only $577. I thought for sure the tag on the shelf was wrong so I asked about it. It was right, so I immediately grabbed it :D. They also had the 6019 right next to it but it was $899. Turns out that I grabbed the last 7017 they had and no more are coming in. I also got the ipod interface for $59. I've been looking into getting a kenwood touchscreen for a while mostly because I want to add the nav unit. I couldn't pass this deal up. I still need to get a mounting kit for it and a PAC audio steering wheel interface. At some point I will also get a rear view camera so I can see better when backing up. I will definately be getting the nav unit in the future but I have a slight problem. The KNA-G510 is for the states and the 520 is for Europe. I am stationed in Europe but the car will return to the states, it might even return to Europe after that depending on where I get stationed. Both units can be updated via SD card, but I don't know if the U.S. version will allow me to upload Europe on it. Anyways, here are pics of the unit out of the box. I think it will look very clean in the dash, plus the buttons are switchable from red to green.

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