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Hello Fellow Ford Fusionites,
 1st post. Have perused this site daily since the day after i picked up my Blk 06 in late August. Goldmine of info & pics!!! Mods include fog lites & bezels, indicating frt & rr side markers, stainless exhaust tips, Eagle Alloy 192's w/ Fuzion 245/45-17 ZR1's & a Razzi 4 pc bod kit & MVS low profile wing w/ brake lite painted UA with Silkens Armor Paint in my basement ready to be installed...soon. Also be installing 24mm frt & 16mm rr blk urethane swaybar bushings to firm up the cornering. Will post pic's of bod kit/wing install under exterior mods. See 'Multimedia' thread under 'Sweet Fusion' for pics of this bod kit.
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Pics are a little small.

Also, you might consider upgrading the swaybars themselves rather than just the bushings. A larger rear bar makes a HUGE difference in how the car handles, and doing the bushings in the front is gonna be as much work as replacing the bar, so you might as well while your in there.
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Hi hwm3,
  Thanx for ur suggestions regarding doing the bars 2. I have considered all posts relating to this in the forum...figured the minimal $ invested in just bushings 4 rite now..check results...then possibly go from there next spring with new oversizes bars. Anyway...lets see if i got the pic thing rite this time.

The reason I say do the bar at the same time is in order to get to the bushings in the front requires dropping the subframe, which isn't something I'd want to do more than once. Just something to consider.

The wheels look good. Now it's time for some shorter coils.
Here's a little write-up on changing the rear bar/bushings.

Look at the last post in this thread for info on the front bar/bushings.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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