NEW MILAN I4, 2006.5 OR 2007.1...??

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Anywhooo...maybe it's not a real 2007 because it has no External Audio jack in the center console, BUT we (my wife , daughter and I) LOVE it. Beautiful Dark Blue Pearl with Alloy wheels and 6 disc CD changer w/Dash Appearance upgrade. It already threw off a "Engine Check" light and it was an "evap leak" code, but I made them check it out within a day, with a little pressure from the Sales Manager. The car was only 3 days and 297 miles old and the service rep thought he was going to keep it until Monday before they even got around to putting someone on it. I tinted the windows already on Friday, where the engine light tripped. Car looks great with the new TINT. Stereo is nice sounding too.

We already are both competing for time in the Driver's seat, it's the wife's car so she has it back with her today. Previous car was a Passat SW, but Central Fla. Lincoln Mercury treated us right on the deal and the price went under 18K with the rebates but before tax, tag, Dealer fee etc. I have gotten used to that fee now, but I got them to drop at least one other profit margin fee. Overall with 2K as a down payment we lowered that car payment by almost 100 bucks a month and we have what seems like a nice, luxury ride, and the Passat was no bucket of bolts, and no slouch. But we like this ride better.... SO FAR. 8)
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It might be a Job 1 2007, manufactured before Sept. 4, 2006. Does it have an antenna mast near the rear window? If it does then it was made after 9/4/06 and should have the MP3 plug in the center console and a 12-volt power plug there too. Another way to tell is if the passenger seat will fold down in a forward position.

Congrats on the new wheels. Hope you get to drive it some. :) Is it a V6 or I4? What was the deal on the "check engine" light? Boz
Welcome to the club!
Like I said in the thread title it's an I4. It was manufactured in 08/06, which is why I called it a 2006.5/2007.1, I knew it when I bought it. No audio jack, no fold down passsenger seat (like when am I going to use that?). We liked the pkg., wife loved the color, and made the deal the day after we saw it on the lot and I drove it home last Monday. I was glad to be rid of the 2005 VW, I was way upside down in that deal.

I drive a MINI S and a Buell 9S w/race kit, so I have other options for driving with the power on. Hopefully this will just be a nice, quiet, soft ride for the family and me.

I'm sure the manufacture date is why I got the price I did without any special deals other than just the two rebates adding up to $1500 and the low Ford Credit interest rate. I did the research on Edmunds and I got it for invoice before the rebates so I didn't mind giving up on the Dealer fee. The error code was an "evap code", it just means that the car couldn't pull a perfect vacuum off the gas tank. Car still ran great, I hope it was just a ill fit on the gas cap and that it doesn't come back.

Gotta get back to the game, GO COLTS ( But they're not looking too good so far ), never mind,....

TOUCHDOWN, Almost a TIE Game.... 14-6 NOW! Man , Oh Man!!!. :x
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Congrats on the car! Glad you guys are enjoying it.
Congratulations on the new purchase CD and welcome to forum. It's a great place to learn more about the Fusion, Milan and MKZ (I liked the distinctive Zephyr name better even though it's harder to spell). Boz
Congrats on Your new MILAN and Welcome :bigok:...Blue Pearl is a Great color...Let see some Pics
can't wait to get my milan!! really.. i can't =(
[quote author=Cris link=topic=68623.msg1193985#msg1193985 date=1170910952]
can't wait to get my milan!! really.. i can't =(
We all share your enthusiasm and excitement. Getting a new car is one of life's special treats.
When do you get it Cris, and when you get it, TAKE PICS!!!
If the tenth digit in the VIN is a 7, its an official 2007 model.
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If the tenth digit in the VIN is a 7, its an official 2007 model.
True, but there are Job #1 and Job #2 2007s, with the No. 2s having at least three changes that I'm aware of: A mast antenna near the back window; a forward-folding passenger seat; and the MP3 plug in the center console box.
8)Ford really needs to keep the name "MILAN". This is a great name for a car.
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8)Ford really needs to keep the name "MILAN". This is a great name for a car.
I think they are going to, for a while. It's just the Five Hundred that going back to Taurus and the Montego will become Sable. I personally think the name change won't have much of an effect on sales or image.
What would they change it to? Topaz? :lol:
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