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Hi all!!! I have a 2007 Milan V6 premire, i bought it 2 months ago. Since I bought the car I fell in love with it but have had a few problems. Somebody tried to break into it the night before I picked it up from the dealer. The driver door was chiped ande the weatherstripping was torn. When I took it in the FIRST time they gave the car back to me with only the weatherstrippeng done. But there was this hige bump on the inside of the car right in my view. The SECOND time I took it in they replaced it and painted it. When I got home my wife noticed that the paintjob wasn't done correctly and still there was a slight bump in the stripping. So I took it back AGAIN. This time I told them that if they don't get it right this time that I'm putting the lemon law into effect. WELL, they took my car gave me a new one as a rental with only 3 miles on the clock (with a full tank of gas which I didn't need to refill. 6 days later I get a call telling me that my car is ready and I can pick it up. I droped off the rental (which after I had it now has 700 miles on it :lol:) 5 people took me to my car and told me that they had givin it a complete repaint. I believed them because the whole car stunk of paint. I looked over the place where was supposed to be painted and the weatherstripping and everything seemed fine. BUT BUT BUT there was one small thing somehow on the outside of the driver door they managed to put a very small section of paint that looks melted. I said nothing only because I wasn't about to give them my car again for a week. To conclude I told them I'm never and I mean NEVER coming back to that place and not recommending anyone to bye a car there.

Overall I love the car and can't wait till my Magnaflow exhaust comes in the mail.
Well that was my story. I hope nobody has to go through what I did.


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