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As everyone already knows, I am currently runing the McCulloch HID set up on my headlights and fog lights.

For my Headlights I am runing a 6000k and for fog lights I am runing 12000k.

Now I got sick of my 12000k on my headlights and want to strive for more light output instead of a nice look.

So I gave a call to one of my distributors and put an order for a McCulloch 5000k set.

So here they are next to me and tomm Sunday installation begins while drinking a 6 pck of Miller Chill on the confort of my garage and I will take pictures for you guys so you can see the big diff on cut off light, and light output.

I am installing the 5000k in the headlights and installing the 6000k on my fog lights. Now since I did the retro fit on the headlights, It might take me a while to remanufacture the ballast and bulb to the housing. But I will keep you posted.
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