*/*/*/*/NEW Japanese KATSURO HID kit at Xenon Expert*/*/*/*/*/*/ $200 shipped

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We would like to announce another great HID kit we have put together. The Katsuro HID kit. What we did was to get some quality Japanese ballasts and bulbs and then keep packaging cost to a minimum.

The result? A super nice HID kit with great parts at a never before seen price for a kit of that quality. This is a much better alternative than buying any kit you can find on eBay for about the same price. You have the support of a store that is established. That's priceless.   :D

Of course, you guys benefit from a rebate as always on the retail price: 200$ shipped and save $50 dollars

- Completely Plug and Play: Just plug your headlight connectors into the ballasts and insert the bulbs into your headlights!
- One year warranty on the entire kit
- Fits into existing headlights or foglights
- All hardware and installation instructions included
- Japanese quality

You can get your specially priced kit here:

Enjoy! :)
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[quote author=onewingedangel link=topic=60168.msg1021086#msg1021086 date=1161318517]
just curious as to what the difference is with other kits on the market? and why the huge price difference with your other kits?

I can't speak of ALL the kits on the market because some are good and a lot are worse.  I'll stick with what we sell. 

Basically, you get the same kind of quality as other kits we sell.   What really has an impact on an HID kit are quality of the parts, warranty offered by the manufacturer, marketing cost (publicity, nice packages) and where the kit is made.

Philips is expensive because parts are made in Germany and not Asia.  Philips cost is real high so the price is high.  They have a reputation and a good one and you pay for that.

DDM is the thinnest ballast on the market and offer a lifetime warranty.  You pay for that.

Apexcone 35W also offers a lifetime warranty and you pay for that.

Katsuro HID, we just take great parts, offer a one year warranty, cut marketing cost to a minimum (white boxes) so at the end we could offer a nice kit at a low price for people that might consider buying a HID kit but want to pay the less amount of money for it.  You get a way better kit than what's offered on eBay for about the same price and sometimes even cheaper than what you see there.

Oliver :)
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