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Just got a 2020 Hybrid Titanium. Rented one last summer and loved it so much I had to have one. In terms of engine mods, I realize there’s not much that can be upgraded. I’m ordering wheels and tires but I was also looking at body kits, grills, lips. I’m not seeing very much for my 2020 trim. I’ve been a dodge ram owner for over 10 years and don’t know much about fusions except that body upgrades for fusions look amazing. I’ve never done any exterior upgrades before. Since fusions are so ...”modable”? .... Does anyone have experience with installing exterior mods/body kits from previous years on newer models?

Like will a grill or a lip for a 2018 gas SE fit my Hybrid? Stuff like that
Also, if anyone can guide me on finding wheel spacers...I’m looking for hub centric and I’ll I’m seeing is fits for 2020 mustangs.

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