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Hello all!

The wife & I just purchased our 2nd FoMoCo product, a black 2007 SEL with a twist...

My wife was convinced that we should buy a Nissan Altima, but we read such great things about the Fusion that we had to check 'em out.  We went to the dealership on Friday, expecting to find a good deal on an '06 SE/V6 but none were to be found.  In fact, we couldn't find a single '06 SE V6 in the Houston area....anyway, we stroll thru the line of six or seven Fusions (the dealer said they're flying off the lot), and at the end of the row of 4 cylinder cars, we see a stunning black '07 with Camel leather interior.  My wife is instantly sold, and I go over to check out the sticker our surprise, the sticker listed all the options, but said ********This Vehicle is not for sale*******

Disappointed, we started to get into the car and drive across town to try to find another black/camel car, when the salesman told us that it WAS for sale.  The wife grabbed the keys from the salesman & cranked her up.  I noticed a nice rumble from the exhaust, but didn't think much about it at the time.  We get back to the dealership and go in to make the deal.  Seven hours later, we sign the paperwork and head to the parent's house to show off the car.  Dad comes out and says "this thing looks awful low"....Yeah, compared to their jelly bean Jetta, it's sleek & stealthy.

We get home & I double check the paperwork when I find a dealership work order that includes the installation of "SS Exhaust, Low Kit, and Spoiler".  I grab the mag-lite and run outside to discover that the throaty growl I heard while driving the car came from none other than Magnaflow's Stainless Cat-back system.  Excited, I crawl under the car and see that it's been dropped with Eibach wonder it looked so low & lean.  I was happy with the price we paid for the car, and to find an additional $1,999 worth of dealer installed parts on the car was that much more pleasing.

Anyway, kudos to Ford for making quality Job 1 once again!  I love, our Fusion!
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